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Customize your Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

Customize your Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

I love my console. How about you? For a pretty long time I wished I could find a way on how to personalize it. Giving something I spend so much time on my own design is simply awesome. Every week I am spending countless hours with my PlayStation 4 Pro. Since the release of Virtual Reality it became even more important to me. 

On some websites like Konsolenking or Xesero they are offering an extremely huge amount of skins, sticker and cover for every kind of console and handheld. No matter if you play on an Xbox One Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro, PS Vita or 3DS XL. You will find many different designs, patterns and images you can customize your beloved console with.

nintendo switch skins 

In my case I picked my favorite PS4 Pro Skin in the style of “The Joker” known from Batman. It just proves how epic it is and to tell you the truth it is much better than on the picture. Applying the PS4 pro sticker on my console was really easy. There are no special skills required to bring it on. Yes, you should be careful and precise, but thats normal right? The cut of the PS4 pro skins was perfectly fitting my console. At first I thought I have to cut it by myself or something like that, but it was not necessary at all. It took me about two minutes until I applied all the stickers on my controller and console. Yup, you will also receive PS4 controller sticker together with the PS4 skins. Sounds awesome huh?

I guess if you are owning an Nintendo Switch or 3DS XL it will also be epic, because you can bring this console anywhere you want. With some awesome Nintendo Switch Skins and Sticker you can really make the people think your console is unique or a special edition. This is also very useful for people who are really into Nintendo stuff and games. For example can you get the FIFA 18, Super Mario, Zelda or Pokemon Nintendo Switch Skins and Cover. There are so many ways to customize or personalize your Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation console once you found Xesero or Konsolenking. Right now they are extremely famous on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone is posting their picture on social media websites. 

ps4 pro skins

By the way; they are not only looking awesome in every situation, but they will also effectively protect your console against scratches, bumps or many other different kinds of damages. This is especially useful for handhelds or people who are bringing their console to different places. Treat your console as it treats you.